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Discover How Food Can Promote Positive Effects of Planets: Astrologically Proven

Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy)

Do you know that your food habits also connect with astrology? Yes, what you eat, what you prefer to eat, and what you should not eat; everything can be determined by Food Astrology. So, today, through the Astro-magnifying glass of a famous astrologer in  Kolkata, we would know what food we should eat and what we should avoid according to the planetary posting in our natal charts.

What House Says About Our Taste Buds in Astrology?

Your face, eyes, food habits, and taste are reflected through your 2nd house. The kind of word you use for conversation, the taste you prefer, and also your condition of wealth, speech, and eyes – all can be deciphered with your 2nd house and the planet in your 2nd house. However, today we focus only on food and your food taste according to the 2nd house, its lord, and/or the planet the 2nd house has or is impacted by.

  • Strong Astrological Connection Between Taste & Planets 

When it is all about taste, we have lots of flavors to taste and like; it is just not possible to say who likes sweet and why he likes it. But, Astrology has the answers. So, with no more wasting words, let us head to the facts that show the connection between taste and planets.

  • Jupiter and Your Sweet Teeth

If you enjoy smacking sweets frequently, your Jupiter is good. Jupiter in the 2nd house provides an attraction to sweet foods. Even, natives love to have any yellow color food like bananas, yellow gram, papaya, and any yellowish food. They have a special place for sweets in their heart.  But, if you have problems with Jupiter in your chart, you should limit your sweet teeth.

  • Venus and Sour Cravings

If you have a strong Venus in your chart, you must have sour cravings. You like to have pickles, sour foods, grapes, and a liking to have acidic food. It makes your skin healthy as well. But, if your Venus is weak, you will problem having sour foods. It is good to make a balance between sour and sweet. Try sweet pickles instead of sour-only pickles.

  • Saline Food and Your Moon Energy

Moon indicates the urge to have saline food; salty food is actual. If the Moon is strong in the horoscope, the native loves to have salty food. Such people are very emotional and beautiful. But, if your Moon is making problems and creating mental misbalance, try having less salty food. If the Moon is weak in the chart, you can eat white-colored food including rice, bread, dairy products, and potatoes.

  • Sun – Strong Likings to Bitter & Pungent Taste 

Bitter and pungent are associated with the Sun. However, these two tastes also indicate the power of Mars in a chart. Natives who have a strong Sun and Mars in their horoscope, enjoy having bitter and pungent food including bitter gourd, neem leaves, bitter melon, garlic, onion, ginger, pepper, and so on.

  • Spicy Food and Martian Energy

Akin to the Sun, Mars-prominent people also love to have spicy food and bitter food. They like strong and spicy food and they do not like simple foods. They also like extremely fried foods. Along with spicy food, Mars-influenced people also love to have food that stimulates nerves and taste buds instantly. These people also love to have bitter foods. They like piping hot food and do not like to have cold food.

  • Mercury Food – Mixed Taste

If you love to try almost everything, you are a Mercury-influenced person. It is good to have green vegetables and green-colored food in your diet to improve your Mercury as well. Such natives also love having quick snaking in between meals. So, add more green vegetables, pulses, and mixed-taste food to your diet and strengthen your mercury. For any food that is green in color, you can add the food to your plate.

  • Saturn and Connection with Astringent Taste

So, if you are born with strong Saturn, you love eating astringent foods like apples, pomegranates, beans, sprouts, chickpeas, okra, cranberries, etc. it is advised to make a balance among spicy, salty, and sour food. If you like mixed food then add little to your diet. Overeating spicy food will cause problems for your health. Try to eat less spicy and also cold food to remove the negativity of Saturn.

Food Astrology Tips to Improve Planets

Don’t frown, but listen to it carefully. With your food habits, you can balance the good and bad influences of the planets in your life. Let us have a look,

  • If your Mercury is weak, take more vegetables to your food palate.
  • If your Moon is weak, try to take cold food after sunset. And, don’t have stale food or milk frequently.
  • When your Saturn is weak, donate Urad dal to the poor. Also add yellow dal, bitter, and cold food to your diet.
  • If you are suffering due to Mars, add jaggery to your meal and donate masoordat to the needy people on Tuesday.
  • If your Venus is weak, add sweet (anything) to your diet every day.
  • If your Jupiter is not strong, add turmeric to your food.
  • If your Sun is weak, try to take a meal before sunset. Donate wheat to the poor.
  • If you are suffering due to Rahu and Ketu, try to have two tulsi leaves after your bath every day. It will help you get rid of the malefic of Rahu and Ketu.


Food can change a hell of a lot of things in our life. When good food makes life, bad food ruins it. Food has a strong connection with the planets. So, whatever planet is causing you problems or promoting good health, you need to incorporate food into your diet accordingly. To know what food is good and bad for you according to your planetary placement in your horoscope, consider visiting Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), the famous astrologer in North Kolkata. Your food is your strength. So, choose it wisely to promote your overall wellbeing. And, astrology is all here to help you how to stay healthy and attain success in living well with beneficial food.