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Top 10 Best Golf Game Tips All Beginner Players Should Know

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Do you love golf but have always postponed dabbling in the sport because of its ostensible difficulty? If yes, then fret not, as some beginner-friendly gaming tips can help you enter the golf court and ‘tee off’ in style. In this blog, we will check out some easy-peasy for your first exploration with the game of golf. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Top 10 Golf Game Tips Every Beginner Player Must Know

1. Learn About the Swing

The first tip every beginner golfer should know about is how to perfect the swing. So, watch YouTube videos, read blogs like ours, and learn from your golfer friends about the swing.

2. Learn the Golf Lingo

As a beginner, the second thing you must do is learn the various golf-related lingo and etiquettes, some of which include:

  • Tee it forward
  • Turning your phone on silent mode
  • Staying quiet when fellow golfers are hitting

3. Take a Dead Aim

When using a golf club, attempt to take the dead aim by ensuring that not just your feet, but also the knees, hips, and shoulders are facing the club.

4. Create a Solid Stance

The fourth beginner-friendly tip that every golfer must know about is creating a solid stance. Make sure that your stance on the course is wide, solid, stable and balanced. Then, build your golf swing from the ground up.

5. Develop the Ideal Posture

Focus on developing the perfect posture by tilting at your hips – this will come with time, but you can bypass months of stress by learning the right posture at the start. Over time, you’ll then know what feels right and wrong.

6. Get Acquainted with Your Grip

Another beginner-friendly tip every golfer must be familiar with is practicing their grip. Remember to practice holding the club in the correct position when you are playing golf. You can also consider taking a golf club into your house and every time you walk past it, hold it for 30 seconds and very soon your hands will be married to the club in perfect harmony.

7. Start the Downswing with Your Hips

It is essential to remember that many downswing faults happen because people start it with the upper body as opposed to ‘bumping the hips.’ So, imagine skimming a stone or throwing a baseball and how the lower body begins and the upper body follows suit.

8. Get the Right Equipment

To begin golfing, you need the correct gear and equipment. When starting out in golf, invest in the necessary gear, including:

  • Excellent golf clubs
  • Light, graphite shafts
  • Durable and comfortable grips
  • Affordable golf balls
  • A lightweight and portable bag

9. Inculcate the Golfer’s Mindset

When you dabble in golf, make sure to also imbibe in your psyche the golfer’s mindset. So, focus on being grateful for having the ability and privilege to enjoy a game of golf, and let go of the disappointment, even if you do not play well or score the desired numbers. Even the most sought-after players in the world have terrible rounds, and remember that you are just a beginner.

10. Practice, Practice and Practice

Last of all, remember to practice in the best golf courses in Harbour Springs, Michigan to steadily improve your game and transition from a beginner to a pro.

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