Autohow to check fastag balance with vehicle number

how to check fastag balance with vehicle number

how to check fastag balance with vehicle number

In order to transform the old economy into a digital economy, the Indian government has made crucial moves. To ensure a smooth and trouble-free trip on India’s tolled highways, it is crucial to check your FASTag balance before you leave. For those who travel frequently, it is quite significant. The ability to verify FASTag balance with car numbers has never been simpler thanks to modern technology.
Several banks, including SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Kotak, IDPI, and IDFC, as well as mobile payment services like Google Pay and PhonePe, accept payments for Fastag. Let’s get started by talking about how to verify the FASTag balance using the vehicle number in this blog.
How To Check The Balance Of A FASTag With A Vehicle Number
To check the balance in your FASTag using your vehicle number, adhere to the guidelines listed below.
Download the MyFASTag app from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.
Put your login information into the app to begin using it.
Enter your car number after you’ve logged in.
You can check the balance of your FASTag associated with your car number.
Visit the website of the bank or any other service provider, and then follow the steps below, to check the balance on your FASTag using the vehicle number.
How To Use The Park+ App To Check FASTag Balance
Use the Park+ app to check your FASTag balance by following these steps:
Install the Park+ App.
Click ‘Login’ after opening the Park+ app.
After entering your mobile number, click “Send OTP.”
Type “OTP” and select “Verify OTP”
Select ‘FASTag’ from the Services menu.
your vehicle’s VIN number
Park+ can locate the FASTag connected to your bank.
Once you have entered your vehicle’s number and clicked “check balance,” you are done.

Benefits of Online FASTag Checking

Technology has altered how we live and carry out our daily chores in the modern world. For instance, using Google Maps, checking your FASTag balance, looking up locations, etc. have all become simpler and more practical when travelling.

The following are the main advantages of online FASTag balance checks:


Thanks to FAST, there is no longer a need to check and recharge your FAStag at toll booths or customer service centres. You may now quickly access your account from any location and view the history of FASTag transactions by car number. You may effortlessly maintain your account without needless problems thanks to the time and effort savings.


You can see accurate information, including deductions, toll charges, and discrepancies, by performing a FASTag balance check online. You can keep track of FASTag recharges with its assistance.
One of the main advantages of checking FASTag online is the quick and simple recharge from any location. You may easily recharge your FASTag without standing in line at the toll booths on Indian highways by keeping track of your account. Additionally, you may reload it using a variety of payment methods, including UPI, credit cards, debit cards, wallets, etc., eliminating the need for cash transactions.

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