BusinessConstruction Tips for Outdoor Volleyball Courts

Construction Tips for Outdoor Volleyball Courts


Volleyball court construction is a project that can significantly enhance any sports facility or community center. This article provides practical tips to ensure the successful construction of an outdoor volleyball court that meets both competitive standards and recreational needs.

Subsurface Preparation

Proper subsurface preparation is the foundation of a good volleyball court. The area should be excavated to remove any vegetation and leveled precisely. Depending on the location, drainage systems may need to be installed to prevent water accumulation that could damage the court surface over time.

Choosing the Right Sand

Not all sand is suitable for volleyball court use. The ideal sand should be well-graded, washed, and non-sticky, which helps reduce the risk of injuries and ensures that the ball bounces consistently. Typically, beach sand or manufactured sand that mimics the properties of beach sand is used.

Net and Post-installation

The volleyball net is central to the court, and its installation must be secure and robust. Posts should be set in concrete to ensure stability and should include a mechanism to adjust the net’s tension and height, as this can vary between men’s and women’s play.

Maintenance Considerations

Maintaining a sand volleyball court involves regular grooming to keep the playing surface level and free of debris. It’s also important to refresh the sand periodically to compensate for displacement due to wind and play.


Building a volleyball court flooring involves careful planning and attention to detail, from subsurface preparation to choosing the right sand. By following these construction tips, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable playing environment.

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