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how to reduce salt in curry

how to reduce salt in curry
Salt is the most important spice in Indian cooking, as it is in most other cuisines. It not only gives a dish the necessary savoury component, but it also raises the strength of all the other flavour as it cooks. Your brownies will taste sweeter if you add a tiny teaspoon of salt. And who can dispute salted caramel’s enchanted qualities!
But adding too much salt will completely destroy a curry. The best of us experience this. Fear not, for there are five simple ways to rescue a salty curry.
uncooked potatoes in slices. One large potato, peeled and sliced, should be included in your curry. Set the timer for 20 minutes. Throw away the potato before serving. Once the potatoes have absorbed the sauce’s salt and moisture, you are ready to go. You might need to replenish the water the potato lost.
vinegar or lemon. An acidic touch might help balance the salty. But proceed cautiously, including a tiny bit at a time and tasting as you go. Similar results can be obtained with sour yoghurt. Your curry’s flavour profile will change as a result of this, perhaps for the better.
Add two. If you have the time, prepare a second part without salt and combine it with the first one to spread the extra salt throughout more sauce.
Plain yoghurt or dairy cream. The cream’s fat will tame the salty. It will also make other spices less potent, so you might need to add more. Taste everything.
Onion that is uncooked. An onion should be cut in half and cooked for 15 minutes. Onion will take in the salt like a potato does. Before serving, take out and discard the onion.