BusinessOn-Site SEO Factors That Matter Most for Your Website

On-Site SEO Factors That Matter Most for Your Website

Most of the time, SEO factors and Google ranking factors are considered interchangeably. The differences between SEO and raking factors are not just a matter of semantics; however, there is more to understand when we are talking about SEO and on-site SEO factors. Remember, SEO does not say about ranking on SERPs only, it says also about the optimization of users’ experiences.

Today, in this SEO piece, you would find five factors of on-site SEO that matter the most. With factors, you are going to explore tips and certainly know how to put these factors to work provided by one of the top SEO consultants in Kolkata from SK Web World.

Time to Find Out Most Important On-Page SEO Factors

These on-site SEO factors help you improve your site’s ranking with a flow in organic traffic and website visibility, boost the rate of conversion, build a strong online presence for your brand, and mostly, make your visitors’ experience better with appropriate search results related to their search intents.

Let’s go to dig deeper in….

1. Keyword Research and Targeting

The most basic and important way to rank on top of the Google search result pages. This segment requires comprehensive research to find out relevant and high-traffic volume keywords, and later the keywords should have to be incorporated into website content.  The more the content on the website matches users’ search intent and answers the queries the more your site experiencesa high volume of organic traffic. Webpages that feature keywords aka high-traffic search intents in queries (be in body, intro, outro, or both) with high-quality content, more likely to be found on top of Google’s SERPs.

2. High-Quality and Relevant Content

No doubt, Content is King in SEO and On-page SEO. But, certainly, you don’t want your content to get lost in the online crowd. Rather you want it to rank on the top of search engine result pages. So, there are a few things you must understand when you are preparing content for your website.

  • Generate content counting on the Users’ Search Intent.
  • Understand the search intent or keywords before preparing content.
  • Prepare content with relevant keywords as well as with LSI keywords.
  • Indulge in posting long-form content because Google prefers it.
  • Try to answer the questions asked by your visitors on your site.

3. On-Page Optimization

Along with high-quality content creation for webpages, you need to pay attention to SEO optimization for each page and post. Insert focus keywords evenly in the title page, URL, slug, Meta title, Meta description, page title, and SEO tags for better click-through rates. Increased CTR is an indicator that your webpages are interacting with users well and your pages have compelling Meta description and Meta title tags. In simple words, it is a good sign of successful on-page SEO schemes.

4. Mobile Responsiveness and Page Speed

Today, it is very essential for your website to be mobile-friendly. Google indexes mobile-first index before desktop index for ranking. So, keep in mind the very dimensions of devices and other essentials to provide a better surfing experience to mobile users. Make sure, the website design gets fit easily to mobiles irrespective of handsets and ensures fast page loading speed for better user retention. So, consider responsive web design than static design and tag webpages with AMP codes with your CMS.

5. User Experience (UX) and Website Design

Keep the website design simple yet attractive. It should not be clumsy. But, it should be best to provide hassle-free navigations to your users to ensure top UX. It would mitigate the bounce rate and increase users’ presence time certainly.

On Final Note….

On-page SEO counts on one main thing – ‘To offer the best user experience’ with valuable information related to search queries and to secure rank on top of Google’s SERPs.

So, keep your eyes on the continuous evolution of on-site SEO algorithms and stay up-to-date with the latest trends for better ranking and visibility to your users plus on SERPs.

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