Autohow to pronounce vehicle

how to pronounce vehicle

The word “vehicle” has three syllables when spoken aloud:
The first syllable, “veh,” is pronuncated with a short “e” sound, similar to the sound in “bed.” The schwa sound, a neutral vowel sound frequently used in unstressed syllables, is used to pronounce the second syllable, “i,” which is the first syllable in the word. The word “cle,” which is the third syllable, is pronounced with a “k” sound, a schwa sound, and then a “l” sound.
In all varieties of English, the letter H in the word “vehicle” is silent.
Here are several suggestions for accurately pronouncing the word “vehicle”:
Start with “veh,” the first syllable. Make careful to say the letter “e” with a short “e.”
Next, say the “i” sound for the second syllable. Make careful you say the “i” sound with a schwa.
Say “cle” for the third and final syllable. Make careful to pronounce the “k” sound, the schwa sound, and the “l” sound in that order.

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