TechnologyCost-Effective VPS Hosting Solutions for Indian Businesses: What You Need to Know

Cost-Effective VPS Hosting Solutions for Indian Businesses: What You Need to Know

Is your business expanding day by day? That ‘s really a great news!

But have you monitored the website’s performance recently?

If no, then that is the greatest hurdle in your growth path. Your hosting plan might be affecting it.

When you have started the business website, you must have taken up either the free hosting plan or the shared hosting. That’s normal.

Now with the improvement, its high time you need to switch to VPS hosting. It provides better scopes than the shared hosting. And the most important part: it is ultimately budget-friendly. VPS hosting price in India is within the reach of medium sized business owners.

Want to know more about it?

Then continue reading this blog and explore some scopes that you must know.

Understanding VPS Hosting

The full form of VPS is virtual physical server. It is the better form of web hosting than the shared hosting and yet not that much costly.

To understand more about VPS hosting, let’s get into hosting concept.

Every website must be hosted to appear on the internet world. This space that are provided on servers (which are much like computers). These spaces are being provided by the web hosting providers.

When a website is newly designed and is accessed by fewer number of visitors, you need small amount of space. So shared hosting is the best option. In this package, such small websites are hosted in a common space. It is much like a PG.

Now that your website has started gaining popularity and high traffic is coming up, the shared server space becomes shorts. Thus, website crashes down.

This is time your website needs a dedicated space.

But dedicated web hosting packages provides huge space. May be, your website does not need so much space.

So, what a server provider do- they provide a virtual barrier in the physical dedicated space. That space is particularly for your website.

Note that it is not shared by any other website like shared. This virtual space provided for your website is the VPS server.

Now handling higher spikes of traffic will not be a problem.

Factors to Consider When Choosing VPS Hosting

Performance and scalability

While you are switching to VPS hosting, be positive about your business growth. So, choose a VPS hosting that can provide scalable features which would support future upgrades.

Moreover, higher space means better website performance. The website would be loaded faster, works at high speed and enough storage space. Check out the CPU, RAM and storage disks space while picking a plan.

Reliability and uptime

Most of the VPS hosting provider guarantee 99.99% uptime. This means that your website would be visible all the time over the server. It would help the customers to get access to your website at any time.

A reliable provider would provide the best support in case of any downtime.

Pricing and affordability

Now coming to the package price, VPS hosting price in India is highly affordable. VPS hosting is much like dedicated one but a miniature version. Hence the prices are less.

A reliable provider would offer the best package of VPS hosting at INR 1500/month. It is the approximate starting price for packages with best deals. Now based on your business needs, operating systems, and tenure of the package it can even be less or more.

Customer support and assistance

India’s web host providers guarantees you the best customer support, but not at all of them keep the promises. So, you must check out the reviews and feedbacks of the customers.

At InfoSky Solutions, customer satisfaction has been rated at its best. It has got 4.7/5 ratings over Google. 365 days customer support is provided for every client, irrespective of the package.

Data center location and latency

Find out the locations of the data center of the service provider. Location is important based on your business needs. In case you take a provider, whose servers are not in the region where your target audience belongs. That would not work the best.

If you are having business in India, then you must choose the providers whose data centers are located all around the country. This would ensure easy accessibility of contents to the viewers.

Security features

The most important things that makes VPS the widely chosen one is the security. The isolation of the server space Is most crucial thing that makes a website secure. Additionally, companies like InfoSky Solutions provides all security supports in their plan to prevent any security risks.

At just Rs. 720/month, DDoS protection and SSL encryption is provided for fully managed VPS hosting by InfoSky Solutions.

Cost-Effective VPS Hosting Solutions for Indian Businesses

Indian Businesses need consistent performance. And VPS hosting is the right choice for that consistent growth. Bridging the gap between shared and dedicated hosting, VPS hosting offers the predictable results with advanced features of servers.

Here are some quick tips by which you can cut down the costs of VPS hosting in India:

  • Opt for right sizing of the server space as required.
  • Some companies offer unmanaged VPS hosting that requires some basic technical knowledge to manage.
  • Indian service providers offer discounts for first time users. Avail those offers.


VPS hosting market is expected to grow more. With the demands of ecommerce businesses in India, more and more physical business is turning online. It is best to opt for the VPS hosting. It is scalable, secure, and cost effective.

Also, with the assistance of InfoSky Solutions experts, you can be quite sure of the best website performance. With the tailored plans, Indian business can reach out to the peak of success.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t stop the growth graph and right now switch to the VPS hosting. Surely, you will thank me later to remind you the right thing at right time.

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